Credit Fund

New York, NY
Capital structure agnostic, fund that targets mid-teen risk adjusted returns using fundamental credit strategies.

Bulge Bracket Investment Banks.

New York, NY
Advised corporate and private equity clients on LBOs, public-to-private transactions, IPOs, recapitalizations and capital raising.
Structured acquisition financing transactions and advised clients on capital raising activities.
Negotiated commitment papers, term sheets, credit agreements, bond indentures, inter-creditor agreements.
Analyzed financing alternatives and advised clients on capital structure, access to capital markets and pricing.

Consumer Finance Focused Technology Companies.

San Diego CA / Minneapolis MN
Developed rule based credit risk models by identifying fundamental drivers of consumer bankruptcy.
Conceptualized and patented technology/data-mining algorithms to predict consumer behavior.

The Bombay Times, The Nature Conservancy, Femina

Various Cities
Pro bono work as glamor photographer, photojournalist.